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PCL Lawyers are a firm of Melbourne based family lawyers who understand the challenges you face following a relationship break down.

We are experienced in translating the complex family law into plain English.

If the need arises, many will ask how will they find competent family law advice in Melbourne? Look no further. We promise to take a caring and compassionate approach to your matter while at the same time representing your legal interests with vigour and careful thought.

Maybe it’s a sudden event, or you’ve been trying to repair your relationship for a while. Regardless of your circumstances, the emotional experience is a cost you could have foregone. The financial cost and/or risk weighs you down as you now try to run two households and/or live separate lives. We understand that this does not need to be more difficult through unnecessary or excessive legal fees; as responsible and ethical lawyers familiar with family law intricacies, we will work hard to represent you interests.

Lawyers families can trust during difficult times

We tailor our approach to your individual needs and are mindful that our role as solicitors is to help you transition through to the next phase of your life. Whether that’s as a single person, a single parent or a parent who does not have the day to day care of your children, our task is to help you achieve the outcome you desire. Your lawyer will be able to help you understand your rights as a divorcee or separated parent, and help ensure that you do not miss out on your legal entitlements. There is no reason to feel intimidated or unsure of your situation, with the re-assurance of experienced and sensitive family law solicitors fighting for your rights.

There’s a lot to do to ensure that you receive a just outcome. You want an advisor who is well versed in family law who can lead you through the complexities of the law and the system. You also want a straight talker – a firm who’ll advise you on difficult issues when you need to know. You want a local Melbourne-based lawyer who protects you and has deep regard for your interests, in the short term and into your future.

Finding out what our family law lawyers could do for you is as simple as picking up the phone. Contact our office on 1300 907 335 for a confidential discussion today, or submit an email using the contact form above.

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