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There is nothing more important than looking after your children. The law dictates that the interests of the children are paramount. “Time spent” (previously known as “contact”) and other arrangements need to be considered carefully as the long term personal impact on your children (and potentially your relationship with them) can be significant. As professional child custody lawyers with experience helping many other Melbourne parents, we can assist you with sorting out appropriate legal arrangements in relation to you children.

If you are separating from a partner with whom you have children, it is vital to ensure that they are well cared for and that you can continue to give them the best care. Child custody includes the right to have a say in where your child goes to school and how they are treated in a medical situation – the considerations go further than just day to day attention, and working them out is an important part of coming to a custody agreement.

In a more contested scenario, we can also give you relevant advice and take you through the Court process in the Federal Magistrates Court or the Family Court of Australia, whether in relation to seeking urgent Recovery Orders or where an agreement as to how assets will be apportioned between you cannot be agreed upon.

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