The Importance of Keeping a Child’s Best Interests in Mind During a Child Custody Dispute

For children involved in a divorce or separation, a child custody dispute can be confusing and emotional. If you’re involved in a child custody dispute, it’s important to take care of your children both physically and emotionally while your child custody lawyers take care of the legal side of things. Here are some reasons why it’s important to keep your child’s best interests in mind during a custody dispute.

They’re Going Through a Tough Time

A child custody dispute can be a very stressful time for any child. Depending on the age of the child their understanding of what a separation means will differ. Young children may misinterpret information or what they are told from their parents. Worse still school aged children the school yard is not a reliable source of information and young children can quickly make false assumptions.

Children involved in custody disputes may feel like they’re caught in the middle, and it’s important to reassure them that they are loved. Some children may need reassurance that they’re not at all at fault for the separation. It is quite common for children to be concerned about their family, particularly if the stability of the family they knew is disrupted. Family lawyers can assist you with the legal components of a separation or divorce as well as refer you to counselling services for further assistance if required.

They Need To Be Heard

Your children may have their own views and feelings about the child custody dispute, and it’s important to listen to them. They may be feeling scared, confused or even angry, and it’s important to let them express these feelings in a safe environment. Children also deal with their emotions differently to adults and it is important to keep an eye out for any change in their behaviour. Child custody lawyers may be able to help your and your children to work out a suitable parenting plan or consent orders.

Some helpful Online Resources & Networks

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At PCL Lawyers, we understand the difficulties and emotional issues children can face as part of the separation or divorce process. Our experienced child custody lawyers keep the best interests of the child in mind at all times while providing concise legal advice and support. Discuss your situation with us today by calling 1300 907 335 or filling out our online contact form.

Please note: The above is not intended to be legal advice. Every circumstance is different. Always seek legal advice in relation to your individual situation.

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